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14 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. please,,,,,,, around what time you guys drop your daily games in your website//////////////////////////////////////

  2. Thank’s very much. I saw this website recently being 06-11-2019. I believe with what I saw here I will be making daily with it. I saw how someone can donate. I promise to donate if things went well as I expect

  3. Why do you change your postings?
    if you fail no one will blame you but don’t change your prediction!!!
    I know you will delete this:
    BE HONEST!!!

    1. Splicho,we don’t dellete…for each games we have two predictions,we just update the ones that wins,its either 1.5,2.5 or FT Score

  4. You, people, are real professionals. keep it up. But, you should be putting a time of the event too so that we can know and it will be easier for us. Thank’s for understanding.

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